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That should make producing good-quality video easier for many people. In this project, we have the contrasts, the positive and negative sides, so people will not only see the good sides of Medan. The new Final Cut Pro X update now makes it easier to move the entirety of a proxy project to another device, including non-proxy files like images, titles, or motion graphics - meaning you can easily share a much smaller version of your video project, fully edit it remotely, and then pass it back to your main computer for final color correction, effects, and export. The new version of Final Cut Pro X is available now as a free update for existing owners on the Mac App Store. Apple has announced a new major update to Final Cut Pro X that adds several new improvements to proxy workflows, making the software far more suited to remote and collaborative editing for videos. The other major new feature introduced in this update is called Smart Conform, which uses machine learning to automatically analyze video clips for "dominant motion" and then automatically crops them to a specified size - including square and vertical clips for Instagram and other platforms.

xvdeos In addition, there’s a video-specific stabilisation mode that uses electronic stabilisation combined with in-body 5-axis stabilisation. There’s also a variety of other improvements available in the new update, including new plug-ins for Canon and RED RAW files that adds Metal support, allowing playback of 8K Canon Cinema RAW Light files for the first time and faster 8K transcoding for RED RAW files. The new update also adds a simplified command for cross-fading audio between two clips and the ability to see ISO, color temperature, and exposure offset adjustments for ProRes RAW settings directly in the inspector, among other improvements. There’s also a port to connect an HDMI monitor and a mic port for better audio quality. "The unique quality of Medan is found in the contrasts here: big villas next to simple, wooden huts; mosques next to churches, next to temples; clean and dirty; noisy and peaceful; poor and rich; Asian and globalized; modern and undeveloped," Jochmann said in the video’s description.

59.94P / 50P / 29.97P / 25P / 24P / 23.98P up to approx. 24P / 23.98P up to approx. The pandemic has given a filip to other forms of indoor entertainment, from board games to video-streaming to books. OPPO has given out some units of the concept rollable to Youtubers. It is too early to pick out winners and losers, but most analysts think Microsoft is well positioned. Analysts think the firm is selling the machines at a loss-a common tactic for console-makers. In poorer countries, where smartphones are common and data plans are cheap, it could bring console gaming within the reach of millions of new players. But in a year marked by lockdowns and working from home, gaming revenue instead grew by 11.5% year-on-year (and operating profits by 61%) as housebound consumers reached for their controllers. Sony offers its own version, called "PSNow" (though it is limited to older games), as does Nvidia, a gaming-focused chipmaker, and several other firms. It is heavily promoting "Game Pass", a subscription service that offers access to an online library of hundreds of games for up to $15 per month (a quarter of the upfront cost of a typical high-end console game).

In rich countries, streaming could let gamers play anywhere, not just at home-doing for games what Spotify and Netflix have done for music and films. Amazon has 150m subscribers to its Prime service, which already includes streamed video and music. Further good news is that the E-M1 Mark III includes a feature that was surprisingly absent from the Mark II, the ability for the sensitivity (ISO) to be set automatically when shooting video. Good news for multi-camera shooters is that the X-H1 has a Time Code option. As well as recording video to a card in the camera, it’s possible to simultaneously record uncompressed 4:2:2 8-bit 4K files onto an external drive via an HDMI connection. It’s also possible to record Full HD footage at up to 120p for slow-motion playback. OM-Log400 was introduced with the E-M1X and it sets the camera to record very low contrast footage to capture greater shadow and highlight detail. N-Log is useful if you want to grade your footage post-capture, or if you need to match the footage to that from another camera. VIDEO: 4 x 4 - What do you need for your business to thrive?